Corporate Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a process with the aim encourage a positive impact through Metallon's activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities and all other stakeholders. Metallon acknowledges its responsibility and the importance of the economic and social environment to a company's success. 

Metallon is committed to working closely with the highest level of respect for our employees, the communities and environments in which we operate, while pursuing value for our shareholders. We expect every one of our employees to uphold our core value of honesty and integrity as well as maintain a safe work place, respect for the environment and respect for people. 


It is our responsibility to ensure the health and safety of our workforce and we understant that this is a critical component of our culture. We have a comprehensive safety, health, and risk management system for our underground and surface mining operations. We also place a strong emphasis on the training, competence, health and wellness of our employees. We believe that every day every employee should go home safe and healthy and we are committed to keeping this value above that of our operational performance. As part of this, we provide opportunities for learning, as well as reinforcing and monitoring the application of learned skills and knowledge on the job. 

Metallon aims to be good corporate citizenship and this requires us be accountable for our social, economic and environmental impacts as well as continuous engagement with our stakeholders. 

Metallon is also involved the funding and participation in socio-economic and environmental activities for the benefit of stakeholders and communities, to ensure that the present needs of the current generation are met without compromising the needs of future generations.