Metallon is committed to sound environmental management, and continues to invest time and funds in striving for greater harmony between its operations and the ecologically sensitive environment. 

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Environmental management at Metallon is based on the ISO14001 Environmental Management Standard.  How Mine, Mazowe Mine and Shamva Mine are already certified to this standard. 


The company operations secure and renew various environmental permits in order to comply with the requirements of the relevant regulatory authorities. These permits comprise of some of the following;

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Certificates
  • Archaeological Impact Assessment authorisation
  • Effluent and solid waste disposal permits for all the operations
  • Hazardous substances permits (storage and usage)
  • Emissions to air permits


Environmental monitoring (as required by the company’s standards and permit conditions) covering the following areas:

  • Effluent water quality
  • Emissions to air
  • Tailings storage facility second party audits
  • Resource utilisation (water, electrical power, inputs etc.) 


Metallon carries out revegetation of tailings dams in order to minimise environmental impacts from solid waste disposal. 

Mine Closure Plans

Mine closure plans are prepared to address environmental impacts that are expected to arise at the time of closure of the Metallon’s mining operations.

The envisaged scenario is that all the mines will continue to operate until all the ore that can be exploited economically has been exhausted. At this point, the mines will go into a decommissioning and closure phase. 

The closure plan is a dynamic document and as such requires frequent reviews to remain current and cost effective. Metallon has deliberately adopted a strategy to review the plan on a regular basis.   

Environmental Forums 

Metallon is a member of the Business Council for Sustainable Development Zimbabwe and is represented by its Group SHEQ Manager in the various programmes organised by the Council. The Council is a regional networking partner of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.