All accident occurrences and unplanned incidents that disrupt the normal flow of work and have potential for injury to persons, damage to property, equipment, processes and the environment are subjected to investigation for purposes of determining, as accurately as possible, their root causes.


The hazard identification and risk assessment process is a continuous exercise which is meant to manage any risks associated with hazards.

Standing instructions pertaining to safe work practices, operation of critical mine equipment and carrying out critical tasks are in place. These instructions are meant to ensure legal compliance and prevention of loss. Examples of job types that require permits/certification are those of hoist drivers, bell persons, riggers and miners, among others. 

The issuing of personal protective equipment and clothing (PPE&C) while it is a legal requirement, is considered to be an “end-of-pipe” solution at Metallon, implying that PPE&C is only issued to employees after practicable options of reducing or eliminating the hazard have been explored and have proved to be ineffective. 

Every mine has organised SHEQ committees and these committees are recognised as one of the key factors in the loss control programmes. The committees are a platform from which management and workers come together to deliberate on SHEQ issues. 

SHEQ audits (both internal and external) are an integral part of the SHEQ management efforts, while corrective action plans are drawn to address areas of non-conformance. 

Employee SHEQ training is conducted on a regular basis, as part of the loss control and employee capability development programmes. 

Employee competence and behavioural safety programmes are some of the interventions employed by the company to achieve a continual reduction in loss events. 

Metallon has invested in mine rescue teams, stationed at its Redwing, How and Shamva operations.  These teams are part of the mine emergency preparedness and response efforts coordinated through the Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe.